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 IMPORTANT: This is a digital download. This is not a physical product. You will still need to go through the checkout process and input your information although the item is free. When it asks for phone number or email, put your email! It will not prompt you for a payment. You will receive a link after your "purchase" via email.

Who is this for? The business owner who is unsure if they should be paying themselves and how much

What exactly is this method? The PROFFIT method from Jamie Trull! 
Essentially you assign 7 specific categories a percentage every month and divide out the profit into those categories. This excel sheet does the calculations for you-YAY! 

What if I don't have excel? Not an issue! It will work with numbers on Mac and Google sheets! 

How do I get it on Numbers? Save the file to your computer > right click the file in downloads > open with > numbers

How do I get it on Google Sheets? Save the file to your computer > open google sheets > click start a new spreadsheet blank > file > import > upload > select a file from your device > choose the 'Business Payment Calculator' excel file > import location should say "replace spreadsheet" > import data 

Why I think it’s important to pay yourself:
-If you don’t pay yourself it will start to feel like you’re working for nothing and can cause a lack of motivation 
-it will prevent you from feeling like you’re working for free
-it will motivate you to keep creating 
-it will encourage you to increase your sales 
-you will still be investing in your business, but you’ll get the opportunity to invest in yourself! 

This is something that works for us and I hope you found it useful! Don’t be afraid to play around with the percentages until you feel comfortable with it!